Robert W. Duggan Focuses On Solutions For a Better World

Robert W. Duggan is a successful entrepreneur responsible for enriching the lives of millions of people across the globe and continues to focus on finding solutions for a better world in which to live.

Duggan and his wife, Trish, are both very proactive concerning numerous charitable organizations. They have worked to give back to their alma mater, The University of California Santa Barbara, via athletic scholarships that supported an NCAA championship soccer team.  Bob Duggan

The Duggan’s have also generously provided three educational donations to UCSB. They not only supported the establishment of a Tibetan Buddhist chair, but are also accountable for two chairs in Biochemistry. They’ve both worked hard to contribute to the UCSB library, including an exclusive room containing 5,000 Buddhist Sutras. Outside the walls of the university, Bob and Trish Duggan have also been supporters and associated with the Santa Barbara Symphony and the Santa Barbara Art Museum.

Robert W. Duggan wholly supports a nonprofit organization that supports youth and adults alike with helpful information in order for them to make smart decisions and live a life free of debilitating drugs. This particular global network of volunteers has dispensed more than 50 million booklets on drug prevention. Their commercials have aired on over 500 television stations in order to keep the public mindful of the potential dangers of drug abuse. Bob and Trish Duggan have helped countless people throughout the world to learn about the detrimental effects of substance abuse.

Duggan is additionally recognized as having assisted the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for overcoming addiction. The program concentrates on stamping out addiction for good with an all-natural, proven approach. There are more than one hundred centers for rehabilitation and various centers that focus on education surrounding drug prevention throughout the world.

Aside from helping people learn about drugs, Duggan is also a strong advocate of the human rights movement and supports societal ethics. He has greatly assisted three main human rights initiatives. Additionally, he’s an advocate and supporter of a program that helps diminish crime rates and enhances human conditions in communities across the globe.


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